Hello and welcome to Patrick M Duggan’s spot on the web, where you will learn an array of details about poker in New York and around the globe. Don’t waste your time playing poker online  https://www.cdncasinos.ca/or anywhere in person until you know what they have to offer. There’s nothing worse than sitting down at a table only to be miserable with the atmosphere.

Poker has been a long time passion of mine and it all started because of hanging out at the back of the pub that my father owned. Poker players would come in and talk about a tournament that they just finished. Hearing their excitement is what hooked me and now I have become a poker maverick in my own right.

I’ve experienced the good and the bad of the poker scene and want to share these experiences with people like you so that you only see the good side of the poker scene. Too many people have been jaded by a bad experience. The game is too good and too precious for anyone to hate playing just because of one venue that didn’t know what they were doing.

If you love poker and you want the best experience possible, stick with me. Throughout the website, you will learn about various venues, poker review sites and much more. This will ensure you spend all of your time playing poker at the best possible places. You can learn a lot from other poker players and my goal is to steer you in the right direction.

Don’t have time for poker venues? There are some amazing poker sites that have improved graphics so that you feel as though you are actually sitting at a poker table. The speed of play is comfortable and you can talk to the other people who are at the table with you.

It gives you the social aspect and you can learn about bluffing without sitting in front of people that can call you out on a particular tell that you have. Whether you are a seasoned poker player or someone who is looking to emerge as the next big poker star, this site is for you. Explore the content and if there is something that I have missed or something that you want to see, contact me. I love hearing feedback and want to make this a top resource for you as a poker player.